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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2010|10:05 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

[Current Mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]

Name/s: Nyxiah, Rhi
What brought you here?: Discovering LJ for the first time and looked up witchcraft - a very important part of me
What path/tradition do you choose to follow?: If i was to name a particular path i guess i would fall under the traditional solitary banner, but my interests in various sectors are quite wide including herbalism, hoodoo, voodou. I mostly just am a very 'organic' and simple witch
What are your main interests?: Herbs, Voodou, Nocturnal witchcraft, spell crafting, energy work, spirit work and much more
What is Witchcraft to you?: Part of me that I wouldn't feel whole without, it is the energy in us and all around us, in every living and (Subject to opinion) non-living thing (the stones, the earth itself and the dead), It is powerful, it is a way of life
What makes you feel alive?: My daughter and teaching her all I know and wish i had been taught, connecting with others that have passed and learning from them, spell crafting - knowing i'm making a difference, even if it's completely unseen :D just connecting with the energy and feeling it passing through me, knowing that i am part of a whole that's so magical and unfathomable :)
Ask us a question: what can i learn from you? and what can i teach you? I believe everyone can learn something from everyone :D

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My Introduction. :] [May. 26th, 2009|07:54 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

[Current Mood |awake]

Name/s: Karina
What brought you here?: Found it on someone’s page.
What path/tradition do you choose to follow?: Don’t follow any particular path. I do what I do. Teehee. Really interested in Folklore, especially German folklore (my family is German),  and so I pull a lot from that.
What are your main interests?: Herbs, Herbalism, Energy, Gardening, Reading, Poetry, Hedge Witchery (never “crossed the hedge” but still find it interesting), Crafting, History, etc. :]
What is Witchcraft to you?: Energy. Working with it, moving it, feeling it. It is a art I suppose. I guess it is a religion to a lot of people but I have practiced it regardless of my spiritual beliefs and my practice has continued pretty much the same even when I have “changed” or moved on to other spiritual ideas, etc.
What makes you feel alive?: Playing with my baby sister. She is so full of energy and brings more light into my life. She is also a lot unlike most kids I know her age (6) and that makes her awesome. Teehee. Crafting makes me feel alive, being in the water, being in real nature (living in San Diego doesn’t allow a whole lot of uninterrupted nature…).
Ask us a question: Why? ;]

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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2008|09:14 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

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Intro and question. [Apr. 23rd, 2008|03:03 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

What brought you here?: Looking for people to talk to that understand my belief.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow?: I am a Necromancer. Many people do not approve of what i am due to it being so dark, and dealing with death not nature. If you do not like i apologize but you can not change what you truly are.

What are your main interests?: Lolita, Sewing, Cosplay, reading the Necronomicon..again.
What is Witchcraft to you?: I used to be a well knowlegable wiccan but after years my soul just seemed unfuffiled. I still believe in it 100% due to the extensive things i have done and seen, it is just no longer my......path.

What makes you feel alive?: Practicing what i do best. Necromancy.
Along with sewing, cosplay and a lot of Lolita.

I guess you can also say i am your typical little goth girl all grown up..

now for a question and some pics ^^'> MODS please delete if neccisary How i look now.....what i differance T_T <a href=Collapse )
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National Transgender Day of Remembrance 2007 List of the Dead [Nov. 19th, 2007|07:31 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

I apologize to those who have complained about my lack of lj-cut's. Occasionally, I feel the abuse to ya'll's friends pages warranted. This is one of those times. Other times, I'm just a rude idiot. This is not one of those times. Please forgive me.

Many or most of you probably already know this, but tomorrow, November
20, is the National (in the U.S.) Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day
chosen in remembrance of a transwoman who was killed (Rita Hester) in
order for us all to remember those throughout the year who have been
killed or died because of their gender identity or presentation.

Every year, I post the list of that year's dead, that their names might
be known, where possible, and they might be remembered, even if for
just one day. The Greco-Romans believed that immortality was to be found
in the memory of those still living and this was why they considered a
braggart nature a heroic virtue. Let us thus remember these victims,
who have historically suffered great mutilations in the course of their
murder, as if their killers were trying to erase them from the
photograph of existence.

All the victims from all years past may be found on

After the list of the dead follows the details of the San Jose Day of
Remembbrance which I will be attending. If you live in the area of
Silicon Valley, please come. If not, I beg of you to find out where and
when the nearest remembrance is. Many of the dead were alone when they
died, and many believed they would always be alone even while they
lived. Let not their loneliness continue into the chill after death. Let
them be warmed by the fire of our tears, our thoughts, and our prayers.

Whichever of the alphabet soup you are (LGBTQQIA -- Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, or Ally -- the last
meaning "we invite straight, cisgendered (non-trans) folk too"), please do
this for them.

Lacking a specific formula as yet, I merely call upon the mup gods to
look, read, and remember:
Hermaphroditus, look at the names of the dead.
Ardhanarisvara, read the names of the dead.
Melek Ta'us, remember the names of the dead.
Eris, look at the names of the dead.
Antinous, read the names of the dead.
Hoor-paar-kraat, remember the names of the dead.
Tlazolteotl, look at the names of the dead.
Azathoth, look at the names of the dead.
Pomba-Gira, read the names of the dead.
Inanna, remember the names of the dead.

List of murdered trans people from Nov. 2006 to Nov. 2007.
For more info see:

www.rememberingourd ead.org/day
============ ========= ========= ========= ==
Nakia Ladelle Baker
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Age: 31 yrs. old
Cause of Death: trauma to the head
Date of Death: January 7, 2007

Hasan Sabeh
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Age: 34 yrs. old
Cause of death: Stripped and shot dead by an Islamist death squad
Date of death: January 11, 2007

Keittirat Longnawa
Location: Rassada, Thailand
Age: ?
Cause of Death: Beaten by 9 Youths and then they slit her throat
Date of Death: January 31, 2007

Tatiana (Aldomiro Gomes)
Location: Trani, Italy
Age: 57
Cause of Death: Her skull was bashed in, in the middle of the street
Her head was slammed in a car door.
Date of Death: February 18, 2007

Moira Donaire
Location: Viña del Mar, Chile
Age: 30 yrs. Old
Cause of Death: Stabbed 5 times by a street vendor
Date of Death: March 5, 2007

Michelle Carrasco "Chela"
Location: Santiago, Chile
Age: 54 Yrs. Old
Cause of Death: She was found in a pit with her face completely
Date of Death: March 16, 2007

Ruby Rodriguez
Location: San Francisco, California
Age: 27 Yrs. Old
Cause of Death: She had been strangled and was found naked in the
Date of Death: March 16, 2007

Erica Keel
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 21 Yrs. Old
Cause of Death: A car repeatedly struck her
Date of Death: March 23, 2007

Bret T. Turner
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 48 Yrs. Old
Cause of Death: Multiple stab wounds
Date of Death: April 2, 2007

Manuela Di Cesare
Location: Pescara, Italy
Age: 37
Cause of Death: Head smashed by unknown object.
Date of Death: April 21, 2007

Unidentified Male Clad in Female Attire
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Age: ?
Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds to the chest and lower back
Date of Death: July 7, 2007

Victoria Arellano
Location: San Pedro, California
Age: ?
Cause of Death: She was denied necessary medications to treat
HIV-related side effects.
Date of Death: July 20, 2007

Oscar Mosqueda
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Age: ?
Cause of Death: Shot to death
Date of Death: July 29, 2007

Stefania (no found second name)
Location: Roma, Italy
Age: 35
Cause of Death: Violently beaten with skull bashed in.
Date of Death: August 1, 2007

Maribelle Reyes
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: ?
Cause of Death: AIDS; Reyes was turned away from several treatment
centers due to her transgender status.
Date of Death: August 30, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The DeFrank Center Ballroom
938 The Alameda San Jose CA

The evening will focus on highlighting the substantial progress made in
understanding and protecting transgender people.

Speaking at the event will be Aejaie Sellers, Executive Director of the
Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, Danielle Castro of
TransPowerment, Shelly Prevost, Director of the powerful film "Trained in the way of
men", Reverend Sky Anderson of the San Jose Metropolitan Community
Church and Sylvia Guerrero, The mother of Gwen Araujo.

The evening will conclude with a reading of names for those who lost
their lives due to hate crimes this past year.

For more details please go to: www.reelfreedom.com/DOR_info_2007.htm
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Hello nice people =D [Jul. 27th, 2007|09:56 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

Name/s? jools

What brought you here? Like most people, I followed via someone elses list of communities.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? I am an atheist witch.

What are your main interests? Herbalism, spell crafting, divination, making wands and incenses, brewing wines, meads and ales, cooking, reading, researching witchcraft and paganism, walking, foraging, camping, annoying people, eating pizza, surfing on the PC. For a more exhaustive list please see my user info :)

What is Witchcraft to you? A tool to facilitate my journey through life. A part of my life so intrinsic I no longer think of it as seperate.

What makes you feel alive? Friends, good food, and debate. Wild camping on the side of a hill. Learning things.

Ask us a question: May I ask 2? i) Are there any Wyrdbrothers? ii) Is this community still active? I have recently lost a forum which helped my sanity, and was hoping that some of the things I like to muse on (witchcraftwise) could be posted here.
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New Member [Jun. 10th, 2007|03:18 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed
Name/s: Alvina Crowe
What brought you here? Interest list, after typing in Hedgewitch
What path/tradition do you choose to follow? I am a natural witch, I do not follow any specific path.
What are your main interests? I enjoy writing, reading, collecting books, studying herbalism, old horror movies
What is Witchcraft to you? Witchcraft is my life, my being.
What makes you feel alive? The landscape around me, my craft and the Lord and Lady.
Ask us a question: As a natural witch I feel like some traditions of witchcraft/paganism are a little too rigid, as a community that promotes an eclectic way of the craft and other paths how do you see this emergence of laws,rules and ceremonies?
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Introduction [Jun. 9th, 2007|02:33 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

[Current Location |Guadalajara, Mexico]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |The Three Amigos]

Names: Luis Abbadie, known in MSN groups as Wisdom Stone (not because I feel stoned but because people started calling me that for my Hotmail address).

What brought you here?
Browsing through my list of interests.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow?
A form of Traditional Witchcraft stemming from from the Scottish Highland, which in my own recension I like to call Crossways Craft -since I'm well aware that I'm not being 100% faithful to its original form.

What are your main interests?
Writing. In regards to witchery matters, exploring and researching Witchcraft, particularly Scots, as well as Stregoneria (my lost love). I'm working on books and essays about the subject.

What is Witchcraft to you?
Riding a hedge, being a bridge, fetching a flight across the river and down the shaft.

What makes you feel alive?
Drums through my body, the snake across the Land, love shared all-encompassing, research and discovery, possibilities.

Ask us a question:
What is the Moon to you?
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introduction [Mar. 4th, 2007|11:41 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

[Current Location |home]
[Current Mood |goodgood]

Name/s: i'm known by raoin while on the internets.

What brought you here? i was checking a few of my listed interests to see if any communities had formed around them, the listing for "true names" brought up this community, i read the userinfo and a few posts and felt i might be welcome here and i was interested in what got discussed here.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? i dont follow a named path, i am for the most part seeking and finding on my own.

What are your main interests? they are eclectic. for instance i am a grad student in the department of Religious Studies at Georgia State University and this gives me the opportunity to not only pursue my interest in religions and spiritualities but also to more thoroughly focus on wicca and neo-paganism and learn about what goes in those communities. on the other hand, i'm also personally very interested in trance, past-life regression, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and the practical application of all greater knowledge, so i like learning about communities like these because i feel like i get in touch my with true self i feel like i learn things of true value.

What is Witchcraft to you? a sticky question, i like to go with "the practical application of greater knowledge" as a generalization and work out from there when i have time.

What makes you feel alive? a complicated question, involving a lot of TMI ;), let us just say that i really feel in-the-moment and in-myself when i am with my love.

Ask us a question: so many people these days define themselves as outside of a tradition, this fascinates me and it makes me wonder how people find that-which-speaks-to-them, how do you find/access the means for creating and expressing your spiritual self?
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Intro [Feb. 7th, 2007|11:54 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed
Name/s: My name is Amber, but I go by Anchasta for internet communities and such.

What brought you here? Clicking, searching, seeing what communities my friends are in that might be of interest to me. Specifically, I followed DBMyrrha this time around!

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? My path is where my feet fall. Organized religion and religious community is not my forte, nor is worship. I tend to take a practical approach to magic and energywork.

What are your main interests? Trancedrum and dance is how I connect to my family and the All. I drum, but prefer to dance the drums. Craft-wise, my main interests are the rural traditions of the Appalachians (I'm a Virginian swamp-stomper) and the southern rootworker path has a strong draw to me. I love gardening, healing with herbs, and feeding loved ones into submission. I enjoy quilting, mosaicing, collaging, candlemaking; generally I just enjoy doing and creating things of beauty.

What is Witchcraft to you? I don't call myself a witch, or pagan, or any of those titles...so let me think about this one. Taking that into account, witchcraft for me is just the energy tingling in my fingertips as I go throughout my day, bestowing blessings, healing my loved ones, pointing angrily at other drivers, lol...

What makes you feel alive? Being alive! Sex, pain, love, passion, the clash and fray and skinned knees of existing on a big floaty rock is really very stimulating! I try to take nothing for granted, and it is something I expect to forever fail at. Drums! Rhythm, dance, heartbeats, baby wailing!

Ask us a question: What is up with you folks? Looks like it has been quiet around here...Nice to meetcha!
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