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Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed

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Intro [Feb. 7th, 2007|11:54 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed
Name/s: My name is Amber, but I go by Anchasta for internet communities and such.

What brought you here? Clicking, searching, seeing what communities my friends are in that might be of interest to me. Specifically, I followed DBMyrrha this time around!

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? My path is where my feet fall. Organized religion and religious community is not my forte, nor is worship. I tend to take a practical approach to magic and energywork.

What are your main interests? Trancedrum and dance is how I connect to my family and the All. I drum, but prefer to dance the drums. Craft-wise, my main interests are the rural traditions of the Appalachians (I'm a Virginian swamp-stomper) and the southern rootworker path has a strong draw to me. I love gardening, healing with herbs, and feeding loved ones into submission. I enjoy quilting, mosaicing, collaging, candlemaking; generally I just enjoy doing and creating things of beauty.

What is Witchcraft to you? I don't call myself a witch, or pagan, or any of those titles...so let me think about this one. Taking that into account, witchcraft for me is just the energy tingling in my fingertips as I go throughout my day, bestowing blessings, healing my loved ones, pointing angrily at other drivers, lol...

What makes you feel alive? Being alive! Sex, pain, love, passion, the clash and fray and skinned knees of existing on a big floaty rock is really very stimulating! I try to take nothing for granted, and it is something I expect to forever fail at. Drums! Rhythm, dance, heartbeats, baby wailing!

Ask us a question: What is up with you folks? Looks like it has been quiet around here...Nice to meetcha!