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introduction [Mar. 4th, 2007|11:41 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed


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Name/s: i'm known by raoin while on the internets.

What brought you here? i was checking a few of my listed interests to see if any communities had formed around them, the listing for "true names" brought up this community, i read the userinfo and a few posts and felt i might be welcome here and i was interested in what got discussed here.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? i dont follow a named path, i am for the most part seeking and finding on my own.

What are your main interests? they are eclectic. for instance i am a grad student in the department of Religious Studies at Georgia State University and this gives me the opportunity to not only pursue my interest in religions and spiritualities but also to more thoroughly focus on wicca and neo-paganism and learn about what goes in those communities. on the other hand, i'm also personally very interested in trance, past-life regression, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and the practical application of all greater knowledge, so i like learning about communities like these because i feel like i get in touch my with true self i feel like i learn things of true value.

What is Witchcraft to you? a sticky question, i like to go with "the practical application of greater knowledge" as a generalization and work out from there when i have time.

What makes you feel alive? a complicated question, involving a lot of TMI ;), let us just say that i really feel in-the-moment and in-myself when i am with my love.

Ask us a question: so many people these days define themselves as outside of a tradition, this fascinates me and it makes me wonder how people find that-which-speaks-to-them, how do you find/access the means for creating and expressing your spiritual self?

From: anchasta
2007-03-05 04:09 pm (UTC)


A great intro! Hi, I am new here as well. This seems to be a quiet community, but that is understandable. The Wyrd sisters types tend to keep ourselves busy, it seems. ;D

To attempt to answer your question: I tend to find that-which-speaks-to-me the less I try to find it...i've been delving into a few personal lessons that speak to that. I am doing my best not to quote the Indigo girls in this, lol.

The point in my life where I felt the presence of my personal power was before I ever picked up a book, before I ever let anyone else's ideas about magic influence what I already knew inside. I accept what I have learned, but am releasing those accidentally self-imposed boundaries in order to trust myself and what I hear within myself.

What about you?
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[User Picture]From: raoin
2007-03-05 06:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Howdy

i was always curious about "strange" things. i had some side-wise encouragement from distant relatives when i was younger (giving me books on the menstrual cycle as it relates to the moon, books on astrology, and crystals that "have energy").

when i was really young i used to run around with a group of my friends and we would all pretend to be "in charge" of certain aspects of nature. later on in my life i came to understand that the reason i always chose either rain or fire was because those two elements call to me the most.

and for a long time i sort of let my interest in this sort of thing only be explored in pop-culture... so things like BTVS or science fiction novels or books of collected myths and legends of various cultures. at one point i could enter a library and confidently tell you i had read every "children's" book on fairy tales and legends.

i knew when i was confirmed into the catholic church at the age of 15 that it wasnt for me, it didnt speak to me, but i did it anyway because my family expected it of me. and i began slowly to plan what i would do when i was finally out on my own at college. at 17 i got a deck of french tarot cards from my grandmother one summer and spent my time teaching myself how to read the cards. to me it all tied back into understanding what was going on.

once i went off to college i stopped going to church and started spending time with people who were interested in the things i had always kept apart from me. i met a woman who was a priestess and i attended a few of her circles (mostly to play with the fire). i met a lot of people who were following personal paths and i learned from them. i fell in love with a man who helped me understand some greater things about myself and about how i grasp the world. i slowly began to accept that i tend to learn in a scholarly style instead of from an intuitive style.

so i've been spending my free time lately reading everything i can get my hands on. it helps that i've been able to draw my college education and career into this. i'm hoping to one day make my living by teaching and reading things that reflect that-which-speaks-to-me. and of course the people i meet are almost always as fascinating as the books i find i learn from them equally as well.
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