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Hello nice people =D [Jul. 27th, 2007|09:56 am]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed


Name/s? jools

What brought you here? Like most people, I followed via someone elses list of communities.

What path/tradition do you choose to follow? I am an atheist witch.

What are your main interests? Herbalism, spell crafting, divination, making wands and incenses, brewing wines, meads and ales, cooking, reading, researching witchcraft and paganism, walking, foraging, camping, annoying people, eating pizza, surfing on the PC. For a more exhaustive list please see my user info :)

What is Witchcraft to you? A tool to facilitate my journey through life. A part of my life so intrinsic I no longer think of it as seperate.

What makes you feel alive? Friends, good food, and debate. Wild camping on the side of a hill. Learning things.

Ask us a question: May I ask 2? i) Are there any Wyrdbrothers? ii) Is this community still active? I have recently lost a forum which helped my sanity, and was hoping that some of the things I like to muse on (witchcraftwise) could be posted here.

From: alvina_crowe
2007-07-27 04:17 pm (UTC)
Hello...its rather quiet here! Love your avatar, the pic is fabulous
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[User Picture]From: lady_savant
2007-07-27 07:23 pm (UTC)


I am sure there are Wyrdbrothers somewhere, not sure if there are any here though.

I think it would be great to read your musings and discus them with you. =)
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