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[Mar. 4th, 2010|10:05 pm]
Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed


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Name/s: Nyxiah, Rhi
What brought you here?: Discovering LJ for the first time and looked up witchcraft - a very important part of me
What path/tradition do you choose to follow?: If i was to name a particular path i guess i would fall under the traditional solitary banner, but my interests in various sectors are quite wide including herbalism, hoodoo, voodou. I mostly just am a very 'organic' and simple witch
What are your main interests?: Herbs, Voodou, Nocturnal witchcraft, spell crafting, energy work, spirit work and much more
What is Witchcraft to you?: Part of me that I wouldn't feel whole without, it is the energy in us and all around us, in every living and (Subject to opinion) non-living thing (the stones, the earth itself and the dead), It is powerful, it is a way of life
What makes you feel alive?: My daughter and teaching her all I know and wish i had been taught, connecting with others that have passed and learning from them, spell crafting - knowing i'm making a difference, even if it's completely unseen :D just connecting with the energy and feeling it passing through me, knowing that i am part of a whole that's so magical and unfathomable :)
Ask us a question: what can i learn from you? and what can i teach you? I believe everyone can learn something from everyone :D