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Witchcraft Untamed

Wyrdsisters: Witchcraft Untamed
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Wyrdsisters Community Journal
Witchcraft Untamed

Wyrdsisters is a Journal for alternative Witches who's interests go beyond Wicca, New Age and Neo-paganism to the borders of "acceptable" practise. We are a group of diverse traditions, and due to that this community is non-Wiccan and non-Specific. Witches from all paths are welcome as long as they can respect our differences.

We seek to step beyond the boundries of fear, to that which lies in the shadows but is none the less intruiging. Folk Magic, Curses, Herbs to Heal and Harm, Necromancy, Summoning, Spiritwalking, Shapeshifting, Trance, Sacrifice, Sympathetic Magic, the Underworld, Traditional Craft and the Old magics.

All who walk the boundries are welcome. Historical Accuracy and Scholarcism is encouraged, as are new ideas and theories. Debate is welcome but mockery is not. Respect all other members, their ideas and beliefs. Seekers are welcome if they wish to learn, spell begging is discouraged as is any rude or ignorant behaviour.

If you wish to join please make a small post introducing yourself and stating your path and interests. Here is an optional questionaire you might like to use.

What brought you here?
What path/tradition do you choose to follow?
What are your main interests?
What is Witchcraft to you?
What makes you feel alive?
Ask us a question:

Welcome to Wyrdsisters,